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Episode 51: You knows? Not sure event the Big Z does.

Wish we had the answers, maybe this will generate a few. We can only hope.

  • maybe the events are a result of the voting that was done for more mini events…

    • Could be although I do not believe so. They always have an option to stagger them a little bit.


  • This game is dying , there are so many problems going on at the moment and no answers or fixes been made. I played this game for 4hrs + aday for last year and a half without fail and you know what for the last 3 days i have not came near it. Im honestly sick of this game , it used to be fun and pass time and now it causes stress .Lucky there isnt a delete account button i would have done it 3 days ago. Im sick of the problems, broken stuff been released, stuff breaking out of the blue and not been fixed, trading is dead ( i understand some reasons behind that but come on punishing everyone for the acts of maybe 1% or less of players ) , the spam events and begging for stuff and they have limits on that. that is only some, and i wonder is all this on purpose?every read the TOS 😉

    “Zynga reserves the right to stop offering and/or supporting the Service or a particular game or part of the Service at any time, at which point your license to use the Service or a part thereof will be automatically terminated. In such event, Zynga shall not be required to provide refunds, benefits or other compensation to users in connection with such discontinued Services”

    Drive players away and say to the rest sorry we dont have enough players to continue the game 😉 or something like that just a idea.

    This game is not the game i loved playing .I think i hate this game :s.

    Pete said no boycotts , really why?. you say ask the questions etc, if you look at the forums and getsatisfaction all the same problems are posted over and over for weeks and no answers given. Even the good complaints get deleted , Yes deleted . I think there is a invisible rule if its not good praise for zynga it gets deleted. This really annoys me they cant take some bad rep .If they care about this game they will take the bad comments and complaints and work on them and If they want happy players listen to them.

    How come since PAC started i dont see any updates from PAC to the players this is ment to be for the players isnt it :s . Dont get me wrong im not against PAC some nice people there and some may have very good ideas for this game. I think the PAC was made by zynga to keep players sweet make it look like they care. Im sure PAC get the points they need too across to zynga but are zynga listening to them or just point blank ignoring them. it seems that way to me.

    Im sorry i needed a good old rant 😀 Mafia wars causes me to stress out >:(

  • You never gave the number for Ass Hat insurance! What gives? lmao

    Good to see you still having fun amidst all the Zynga fudge.

    So is everything at Zynga in-house or do they outsource coding? It seems like maybe the issue is with outside developers and direct communication with them. If so, there could be a contract that needs to be fulfilled before Zynga can do anything or get better results. <—-just a guess.

    The fighting issue may just need a complete change rather than just a "fix" or "update". Like Pete was saying the roadway may be overloaded of plugged. If so, create more pathways/roadways…don't try to cram everything into the same old package…the fight page could be split into several levels/area and you could choose which level/area you choose to fight in…that would keep one pathway from being plugged, right?…and who knows…maybe that is what they are working on behind the scenes….there has to have been brainstorming meetings about the problems and possible solutions being worked on by now…otherwise it is money/revenue that is going to disappear and NOT come back…

    I'm just talking about fighting…I don't really care about the other effects on the game that try to halt the stealing of proprietary or intellectual property. I think Zynga has a right to and should stop the raping of it's virtual currency systems. People who violate those areas are thieves, there is no way to refute that. So maybe Zynga's concerns are blinded by those few. But people should not be able to make thousands of dollars A WEEK off Zynga and it's customers. No matter how it is put…it is stealing. I would just hope the few are not the cause of problems for the majority.

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