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Episode 52: Spamapolooza!!

Loads of new Events are hitting our game and many are forcing posts to FB streams to get them going. Fortunately, Team Spockholm has many Spocklets to help ease the pain. Jennifer gets to cover them all. Giving us the goods on what might be worth doing and the best approach.  Chester and Jana gear up for the Battle Sexes Mock and the jabs are already being thrown on both side.

  • want to know how to use these please help me Brenda daily player level 1191 please and thanks Brenda

  • hi guy;
    excellent program. Thank you for lots of info.
    I just like to say that i had a similar problem like Pete and contacted zynga. They advised me to remove Mafia wars and then reinstall the application.
    It worked. (but i suppose you mite have already done that)
    I hope the glitch will go away good luck

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