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Episode 54: Just Plain Wore Out!!

The Crew is a little on a down note tonight.  A lot going on in the game, the pending mock, etc.  Has us all scrambling to squeeze everything in.  Pistol Pete Covers the War Machine II in plenty of detail, maybe more than you want. Jennifer fills us in on all the new events and changes in the game, including the Italy loot that has been now made gift-able.  Chester and Jana cover the rules of engagement in the pending mock.  The Battle of the Sexes mock ought to be a hoot.

First person to respond to this post on the page with Pistol Pete’s unique shout out wins a lotto set.


  • New giftable Italy loot ??? Please let it be stone columns or terracotta tiles!

  • Love all the great info that the podcast gives all of us! Thank you!!!!

  • Pistol Pete’s unique shout out was, “Me? Besides, MIG-OG? HMMMMM No, actually I do. I want to do a shout out to Team Spockholm again. They’ve been working their asses off with War Machine.”

  • OK, I’m confused. Pete’s shout out was to the Umpa Loompa’s.

  • Shout out to the Oompa-Loompas!!!

  • See you at the mock laterz! mwahahahaha lol >:D

    “I’m gonna give a shoutout to THE Spocktonians over at Spockholm. :D”
    –> Pistol Pete’s usual shoutout 😉

  • a previous episode’s “Well, that ‘s a wrap…turkey wrap, beef wrap, wrap wrap wrap :P”

    and this episode’s “Shout out to the Oompa-Loompas!”, both still by Pete lol 😛

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