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Episode 55: eeeeeeeek! There are Spiders in my Fighting!!!

Nothing gets your blood pumping like a good old mock. But wait there are spiders hiding my ices.  Arrrgghhhh. The crew gets to field complaints from the player base and no one is happy.  In the words of Pistol Pete’s Canadian brethren Zynga is it time to “smarten up, ay!” Jen delves into some of the looting methods to get the newly gift-able Italy loot.  Pistol Pete has a brief sit-down with Eike of Team Spockholm and inquires into his start in MW and how he got involved in scripting.  Jana and Chester still cannot decide who won the Battle of the Sexes mock.  Jana is looking for a re-count.

  • uh oh…so it was…a tie??? *gasps* =O (hehe :P)

  • I played in the Mock war it was fun. I am a lower geared player.

    I just wanted to point out that if there were 250 men and 150 women.. Then there were 100 more targets for the women to hit.. So yes the women did do very good but if you added 100 more women to it that doesn’t mean they would have won.. It only mean your on level playing ground.

    Colt <<—

  • Informant podcast… I’ve been with you for about 25 episodes now… and i’m going to have to say, I’m quitting Mafia wars TODAY.

    I’d like you to know the reasoning however. This game became my way to vent excess boredom/frustration from a job from 11-7 (3rd shift) during downtime. Turns out… Now the rest of my week/weekend became my shift for mafia wars.
    Good lord knows when was the last time i left out clubbing on the weekends instead of sending people brazilian timber or construction workers.

    I got a new position in a nursing home, and I NEED MORE TIME FOR MYSELF. these gifting events have just carried on to my chore of this game to the point that it was no longer my vent of frustration… IT WAS MY FRUSTRATION.

    Gotta give a shout-out to the mafia wars loot lady and her blog. Helped me ease my suffering in times of need/tips/tricks.

    God bless.
    -Michael Lewis

  • please stop thease stupid annoying popups of crap,i think very few people like thease popup events,i would,nt mind but its 1 after another which just leads to more spam on facebook walls are they doing this to annoy us ?? cause they must see all the feed back of all the people who complain.anyways enough of the wineing just want to say my shout out too all the informant podcast guys & dolls keep up the good work and can we have more of trader no go MISS IT LOADS….[501ELITE] DON1……..ANDY B..

  • Now I am infamous! I think I wasted almost 700 stammy trying to ice Mike. I did get a few ices in the mock and on a leaderboard or two, though. 😉

    Thanks to you all! You make the game better and more fun! The mock was awesome and WM fantastic!!

    @:(|) Hawaiian Punch

  • For the battle of the sexes, I think there was more than a bit of confusion on the date of the mock… I think a number of people (including me) thought the mock was over Easter weekend, so I didn’t pay attention until some of my clanmates were participating and so I jumped in to play on Saturday.

  • The guys would have won if the girls had more players. Most of us just felt bad sitting on the 4-5 ladies that were out of the hospital. I gave up icing the same targets over and over again and started blasting away for red ices near the end there! 🙂 Other heavy hitters on team Testosterone were deterred by the lack of live ladies and weren’t warring.

    Overall you ladies did a great job with what you had and I had a blast last weekend! Thanks to you guys at spockholm, that war machine is a really amazing tool.


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