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Episode 56: Last Ditch Effort, Set the Forums On Fire!!

Pistol Pete took to the forums to propose 4 things that could be done to return the game to a fun state?  Will Zynga listen? Jennifer covers bunches and bunches of changes from new to old and a few nerfs along the way. Chester and Jana cover the differences between those tags as a group vs. those tagged for families. Some ideas on how to treat such groups was recommended.

  • The wishlist items not showing up are intentional. There is a limit now on how many we can get a day. I have been talking to devs in alot of issues. Would love to share things with you guys. Some of you may know me, some not, but I was the guy who started the Skype “trade” talks last year. I deal with devs almost daily, and get alot of info from them.

  • Thank you for this I just logged on to myspace to see what you talked about and got 2000 reward points wow thank you for this info ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheers Jana 😀

    Keep up the good work u lot 🙂

  • sigh…Chester STILL can’t get over THAT, doesn’t he? 😉 (girlz rule lol :P)

  • LOL…. “I gotta ask my mafia to scratch my butt” EVENT !!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA EPIC ONE PETE !!!!!!!!
    nice episode guys… will call ya next time !!!

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