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Episode 60: Losing a Godfather to Death by Popups and Events

The title of this broadcast seems to resonate loudly throughout the community. Players everywhere seem to be killed off daily by the overload of pop-ups, events, and stacked game changes. I think many are beginning to feel the way Chester is during this show. I hope we can turn things around and get back to the fun.

  • LOL!!!! Love the Headline!!!! Ha!Ha!Ha!

  • The problem is….they (Zynga) is taking away the feeling of interaction between friends. We had become a family…a feeling of these people are my friends… we are too busy doing their crap to interact with each other.

    I talk about you guys and other mafia friends to my husband like I know you personally. I feel like I do know all of you. It is so sad what is happening. I want my friends back.

  • CHESTER… DON’T LEAVE !!!! PLEASE !!!! i dunno about others but I for one will surely miss you …. Now To the family life by Chainsaw Chester …. how will the saw move without the chain ??? don’t leave buddy !!!!

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