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40 Canister Bombs the Easy Way

In the previous post I reviewed the new Mission. Part Three was a hassle because you have to loot 40 Canister Bombs from jobs, fights or robs. The drop rates weren’t very bad but there is an easier way to do it without using any energy or stamina.  According to the Mafia Wars Wiki Canister Bomb Page, used to be called the Car Bomb but it was changed on Jan 21st of this year. In their prime they were only available through the Marketplace.


You probably don’t have too many Canister Bombs sitting in your inventory but I know who does. Anybody who looted them for the Mission should have a minimum 40.


If one of you mafia members or an alternate account has 40 Canister Bombs, they no longer need them and would be more than happy to gift them to you. You won’t get credit for the Mission until you send them back or to another player who needs assistance. Canister Bombs are still called Car Bombs in the “Loot” section of the Chucker.


If you prefer not to use the Chucker and send items the old fashioned way, look in the loot section of your Gifting Page.


Send 40 Canister Bombs to your favorite mafia member or yourself from an alternate account.


When the recipient receives the items, it won’t count for the Mission.


When the recipient sends them off to another player, they will get credit for as many as they sent up to 40.


  • wooohoo that worked thanks alot

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