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Boss Fight Mission Walk Through

Finally the Mission we have all been waiting for.  At this time not all accounts have it and there is no page for it on the Current Events Module. You can’t miss it on your Mission Bar as the annoying , yellow flashing  “Check Mission” sign is in your face. After I completed Part 4, the Mission was gone. Hopefully that’s all there is to this one.



Part One

Black and Blue

There isn’t much to part one and the loot reward ins’t much either.

Part Two

The Achilles Heel

Part two contains the information we all have been waiting for. When you complete it, you get the third code for the Boss Fight Event. It’s not easy because you have to loot 12 Cracks of the Bat from robbing and 15 Knuckle Punches from fighting. From my post yesterday on the drop rates, you know it will take a while and frustrate those players who aren’t dropping anything. Fortunately, we can share the code. Once you get the reward of a code, you need to go to the Boss Fight Combo Page to view it.  The code is Bat + Bat + Knuckles + Bat. There is no option to share it so I think you need to actually use it before that happens.

Part Three

Bomb Shop

There is only one objective in Part 3. You need to collect 40 Canister Bombs from jobs, fighting or robbing. The choice is yours.

I did some mini drop rates on these and here is rough estimate on the costs. The Canister Bombs didn’t show up on the robbing log but I started with 16 and completed the Mission. From this data, it would appear the robbing is the cheapest way to go. Remember all tasks in this objective must be done in New York.

You get 5 Cracks of the Bat and 5 Shotgun Blasts as the loot rewards.

Part Four


Part four is a kill two birds with one stone. The stone is a short Brawler run. Win 19 fights in New York and ice 3 opponents and your done. The loot rewards are 5 Knife Slashes and 3 Knuckles Punches. Wonder why they got cheap with the Knuckles Punches?


  • My part 2 is cracks of the bat and knife slashes (not knuckles which is just as well as they’re not dropping). It tells you to do jobs in NY but wasted 3500 energy on job they said to do so after levelling up went to Brazil where knives started dropping

  • the achilles heels part i got is totally different from what you’ve shown here.. it didn’t tell me what job to do, it led me to street thug tier of i’m kinda lost..

  • I needed only 5 of each for part II. My account is lvl 1877, so it seems to be random, not connected with strength. Guess I’m lucky.
    And another thing, it is no necessary to do it in NY, I was robing in Brazil and loot bats that counts for objective. The Knifes (not the Knuckle Punches) I got from Brazil->Belem->Gun Down Kidnappers, ratio was almost 1/1.
    Any way u helped me so much with this Walk Through, so I thought I can add some info to it. Thx

  • my achilles heel mission is totally different, once i clicked, it will direct me to new york 1st tier job and no more hint after that. kindly advice, thanks.

  • Note: They’ve nerfed part 2: You only need 5 each of knives and bats now. That’s after I ran out a total of about 9000 energy + stamina trying to get those bats and knives — I come back later to find I’ve finished the mission.

  • My part 2 is somewhat different. I need to get 5 cracks of the bat from robbing and 5 knife slashes. Using the “Go” button for knife slashes directs me to 1st tier NY, but 200 jobs done yielded no knife slashes. A quick trip to Italy got me a knife slash from a tier 8 mission I haven’t finished yet within 5 tries, but the knife slash didn’t count.

  • i have the same experience with urbalor, the knife slash didn’t count.

  • In which job we loot the knife slashes for The Achilles Heel job? I’m blind trying every job at the 1st – Street Thug(???????) on NY!

    I already mastered NY to all tiers and every time I click on GO to loot the knives I’m redirected there.

    Can you help? Thanks. 🙂

  • Urbalor I got my knifes last night in Brazil, but see this morning that only those found in NY count. Lucky for me I did get them last night as couldn’t get them on my other account today in 1st tier of NY so moved to another tier and got some which counted. 1st tier is a waste of time, do NY jobs but consigliere level or above. The other differance from when mission initially came out is the # of knifes and bats needed. Last night it was 15, today only 5. I had no problem getting knifes but bats took a lot of robbing just to get 5

  • got my first knifes in Consigliere level

  • havilson,
    “Rip Off the Armenian Mob” in the underboss tier

  • Thanks Edo, Brazil->Belem->Gun Down Kidnappers worked for me! Use of strategist and lockpick (double loot) worked as well. 🙂

  • my part 1 there was no ”build 1 armory”, Part 2 was ”5 cracks of the bat” & ”5 knifes slashes”……You can find the most knifes slashes in New York, Hitman Tier, ”Exterminate a Rival Family” …..HAPPY HUNTING

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