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Reallocate Skill Points

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  • Yes!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!! That rocks!!!

  • why dose game not let you in to play then dose and why add people to your mafia for games you put up then get in trouble for doing so

  • waste of good and nice RPs….. its just a relocation… its not like you get new skill points…. then stop talking that is cheaper to relocate them instead of crafting… when u craft u get new skill points… when u relocate –> u just relocate

    • You are correct it is relocation. But it is a 1 to 1 ratio of skills to RP, as opposed to normal crafting and getting new skills, which is a 3 to 1 ratio. Since you can replenish the health skills faster through crafting. You are better off re-allocating some and buying new skills through crafting attack, or defense.

      All irrelevant at the moment because Z pulled the feature.

  • am not finding this reallocation on my old or newer profile…. where is it? and is it only for newer player? Help please…. Thanks!

    • Yes, they pulled the feature and we are waiting for an explanation on why.

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