Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 67: Behind Enemy Lines

Pistol Pete is invited into Zynga Headquarters to show off his style of game play.  He felt that he got to enlighten some of those invited to the meeting on the positive aspects of the Spockholm Mafia Tools. The SFO Meet and Greet was a bust. Maybe next time.  Jen covers several of the new events, and the degree of criticism she receives from the community. Jana and Pete debate a little on the benefits of Zynga allowing anyone to be attacked from their profile page. While we finish up with a Rant about the Boss Rossi Fight and the woes that come with it.

  • Is it possible to subscribe to the cast in I tunes? If so how?

    • Just Open iTunes. Select the store. Search The Informant Podcast and click the Subscribe. The Episodes will come in automatically and be available under the Pod-casts section.

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