Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 70: OMG Another Nator

The Crew has yet accomplished something some thought impossible, 70 Episodes plus 2 if you count the Player Spotlights.  Pistol Pete covers the soon to be released Assassin-a-Nator. Yes, another Nator but heck it is a working fight script. Team Spockholm also has a Family History designed to load up all the families that are now in the game with the new family module. Jennifer sounds like she is talking 100 miles an hour. However, I guess when you have a bunch of stuff to talk about you have to talk fast. Chester and Jana discuss the family module likes and dislikes in detail .

  • I would like to get more information on the family. Where can I find this. i listened to the Podcast but it just did not give me enough.

    Any extra info I can have would be very helpful.

  • Just found this podcast and wish I had found it sooner. Eagerly awaiting the assassin-a-nator. Got an ETA? Also what are your thoughts on MW using their new clan module to send Families to war against each other. Gotta be coming soon, right? Update on being in multiple families? Appreciate Spockholm and MW Lootlady so much. Can’t tell you how much your work helps!!

    • Probably this weekend for Public consumption.


  • where is assassin a nator? is it finished yet?

    • Should be available this weekend.


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