Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 72: The Elusive Raven, Does He Actually Exist??

Gotta a full show tonight.  We have a special guest Cameron Ernst discussing in a little more detail the Love is Louder tour in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project. Pistol people covers a couple of new Spocklets and the new Assassin-a-nator. Jen fills us n on the new Family Chat feature, and what it will have Chester hot under the collar. The Raven is discussed at great length, along with the changes to how and when consumables can be farmed. The Family segment has Chester and Jana building up the excitement about the Battle of the Sexes Part II scheduled for August 5,6,7.

  • thank you for all you do. i do get alot of info out of these. see you at the battle of the sexes.

  • Curling is a GREAT sport. It’s very social and lots of fun.
    Go Badgers!!!
    and could I please have some parade balloons?

  • What the hell is all this non Mafia Wars shit about…. Noone is interested! Keep it real or you will lose all your listeners

    • Sorry you feel that way…If we lose our entire listener-ship for spreading the word on Love is Louder. Oh well.


  • Great show. I’m playing less and less, so the information you folks continue to put out is more valuable to me than ever

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