Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 73: Protecting the Family Name, At All Costs Literally

It has finally been released on the masses the Assassin-a-nator.  The new fighting spocklet from Team spockholm.  Pistol Pete talks a little about expectations and what to expect from the team at Spockholm.  HINT: There are only so many hours in a day. So Don’t Panic.  Jennifer fills in the gaps on the new Brazil Districts and what you will and will not want to do right away. Lots of discussion in the family life with Chester and Jana about Name and some things some familys have done to protect them.  Chester also makes some real simple textual changes to the game that would make it easier for families to fight families even before a new Family Fight Module is introduced.

  • Spockholm,

    I recently clicked myself into a family, thinking that I was accepting a gift. Oops. I have not been able to ascertain how to remove myself from said family. Any information would be helpful.

    Thank you,

    Tracy Lokstadt

  • Currently,
    a person can click on your red tag,
    be at the page that lists all the members,
    click on all people to see their stats
    then click or have all their mafia click on all people they choose to fight.

    Is there a way to protect the members and their stats from anyone seeing those stats just by clicking on a tag? It is amazing to me this is not a closed private group.

  • perfect timing for Assassin-a-nator… got the new fight module at the same time. Nice work boys. Thanks heaps for the podcast and the time taken to prepare, present and post it, much appreciated. GC.

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