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Episode 76: Power of Scripts – Assassin-a-Nator Family

The gang is minus one as Chainsaw Chester couldn’t make it. Pete discusses some updated Spocklets as well the status of the War Machine and what’s in the “Hopper”.  Jennifer fills you in on the all the game happenings and discusses the Death By Ice Event and all the drama it has caused in Mafia Wars. The Assassin-a-Nator Family is going strong and at the time of this broadcast was #1 on the Leaderboard.

  • will assinator be able to heal in other cities than the one being fought in soon?

    • Yes, on the too list.

  • Hi there,

    Talking about assassinator… about having a comp or leaderbaord on how many of one item people have gathered ie. I have 6470 Animal feeds!
    (this can be seen in running assassinator)

    Then with this information inform Zygna on a partition basis to address future TRADE or MISSIONS to include using up these useless items ie. like Fight Club POINTS system?

    Keep up the great podcasts!

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