Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 77: Truly Understanding What It Is Like To Be In A Family

We have a fully loaded show. We have a snippet of the new player spotlight with Frank. Bill from Legion stops by to chat with Chester and Jana  in the Family life. Pistol Pete covers the new Family leaderboard site at Jen gives us the run down on all the things we missed since last show. So grab a drink and enjoy this episode it is a long one. However, well worth a listen.

  • I am so disappointed that Mike Nestor didn’t adjust the pitch of my voice so I sounded macho! HA!

    A big shout-out to Jana and Mike for spending a late evening with me. It was a blast!

    • You rocked! We had a good time with the interview. Thanks for being a good sport. AND, you sounded fine 🙂 Honey Badger Don’t care anyway…
      The entire interview will be up shortly.
      ~ Death by GUCCI

  • Thank you for having me on!!Enjoy the info everyone and God bless!!!

    • We appreciate you taking the time to join us. Sorry we had a bit of cluster getting it on. It was a pleasure to meet you. ~ Death by GUCCI

  • I am deaf so am unable to hear this. Is there any way to get a transcript to read of this or any other that happen? Thank you for considering this. 🙂

    • We are attempting to see what we can do to accommodate. However, our resources are pretty limited.

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