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Episode 80: A Little Long, But Worth A Listen

Sorry this one is a little long, and late (tough editing in a car). We were just not certain what to cut out.  Pistol Pete is still on his cross country trip. So the remaining crew discusses the Raven again, and New Marketplace Loot and what is worth buying. The Brazil Ruby loot is discussed and there is a recommendation to just ignore it.  Chester talks about the new Chat 2.0 coming soon, and how the Mafia Wars Commission is even more useful with all the new Families in the game.

  • Just get on with it !!!!!!!!!

  • dang… what a nice longer episode…
    you don’t need to cut it to 30 mins.
    it was a pleasure to listen to all of it! eventhough pistol pete is missing…

  • Keep up the Great Work!
    Thanks for the mention of my previous comment about putting a link on the top of the Spocklets and adding it to the Checklist! (Still Waiting… The Sanfillipo Foundation is losing votes!)

    Happy Fighting!

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