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Episode 87: Union Hall Disappears News at 11

The Crew witnesses the Union Hall Appear and mysteriously disappear as fast. Many players report similar sightings. Where have they hid the building, only Zynga knows. Pistol Pete makes a plea to the devs for a permanent Rob all Button for even when you do not have a Rob Squad available. He also explains some of the issues with the Stream spocklets not working and some things to try. While recording Jen is hit with the new mission, Hidden districts in Brazil, and continued questions about the Family Progression.  Chester and Jana discuss a couple of rants from fans. Anne shares a Rant about her frustrations in the game and Chester shares his similar sentiments. Chester also delves into our show stats and shares some details.

  • Official Informant Podcast Episode 87 Asshat Drinking Game Boxscore

    1.41 Chester grunts
    6.51 Pete interrupts Jana
    7.43 Pete interrupts Jana …again
    8.25 Pete interrupts Jana …again (optional bonus if you’re drinking Wild Turkey)
    9.18 Jen & Pete talk over Jana
    9.38 Jen interrupts Jana
    11.03 Jen interrupts Jana
    13.05 Chester grunts
    16.52 Jen says shit
    19.19 Chester interrupts Jana
    19.29 Chester grunts
    19.41 Chester says ass
    22.01 Chester interrupts Jana
    23.35 Chester says shit
    23.48 Chester says asshat
    23.57 Chester says asshat
    24.02 Jana says asshat and get interrupted (bonus)
    24.06 Jen says asshat
    24.11 Chester says asshat
    24.18 Jen says asshat (optional triple bonus for context)
    24.22 Jana says asshat
    24.27 Pete says asshat (optional infinity +1 bonus for context)
    24.32 Chester says asshat
    25.30 Chester interrupts Jana
    25.48 Jen interrupts Jana
    26.25 Jen says asshat
    30.29 Chester interrupts Jana
    30.32 Chester grunts

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