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Episode 89: First Time For Everything Or Is It?

The Crew is joined by Nate and Ben from Zynga.   They discuss the role shifts in light of Nate’s resignation from Zynga. In his words “on good terms”. From what we hear it sounds like the company he is moving to made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. We wish him luck in his future endeavors. Jen gives us the low down on the new new Power Packs, and the short Brazil Mission. Chester joins us late and gives his opinions on the new hospital.

  • Best of Luck to Nate and Kudos to the IP team keeping us in great info.

  • Did you talk to Nate in Episode 41: Live from PAC!!! ?

  • What about trading is it being pushed out. Zygna has to have lost money due from GC’s because now all trade sites are dieing. The facts are that there are or better yet Zygna claims 17,836,887 players play this game but those numbers are so far off. First before gifting limits most,not everyone had 2 or more accounts. Then when gifting limits started now most traders have 4,5,accounts and even more. I no people with 200 plus accounts. Then since Zygna hasn’t made anything new giftable and it drove market prices up on things like Weapon Parts,Portable Fusion Reactors,Railgun Barrels,ETC.. Prompting people to make even more accounts now to be able to do more trades with WP’s. Are they gonna make any good stuff giftable it sucks enough that the fight club loot is now better than game loot and i don’t see them making that giftable anytime soon. I would just like to no,because i like all the new “”Familly”” stuff they have out and stuff BUT trading is a great part of the game its been so long where nothing good has been giftable that more and more people are quitting and i am sad to say i am almost there to,,,,

  • Great show today guys. Thanks for all the great information and the interview with Nate and Ben.

  • You are absolutely correct James!!!! You were paying attention. Congrats!! We’ll be sending some of Chester’s loot.
    ~Death by GUCCI

  • Yay, thanks Jana! 🙂

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