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Timer Issue Payback

Dear Mafia Wars Player,

Over the last several days we have experienced some instability with the reset timers for Families that led to lost progress for some players. As a result we are compensating all of our Family players with additional Bonus XP.

You have been awarded 11040 individual experience and 2400 family experience of each type.

Thank You,
The Mafia Wars Team


Just click the home tab in MW and the lovely pop-up will appear. This is the only pop-up I dont really mind.

~Chainsaw Chester

  • The compensation was great. But, it was added automatically and blew all my energy and stamina that I had built up. I would much rather prefer to have the option of using the experience when I need it. I lost an entire level of jobs (energy) and ices and boss fights but not being able to use the energy and stamina I already had first. Not happy.

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