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The Informed (that would be you),

Have you been wondering where all The Informed have been listening from? Well, now you get to find out!

The most listeners come from the USA with almost 82,000 downloads. I decided to show the map and the top states The Informed are in:


While I have not been able to locate the state of Unknown, I am proud to that Texas (should be a country) holds the #1 position of the known states. No asshat, I am not the one downloading from from 80,000 different computers.. Although it has crossed my mind.

 I have heard that there are places outside of THE INFORMED STATES of AMERICA so I gathered a few of them as well:


Wow, most of PLANET EARTH has been informed! I do however see a bunch of white space in the continent of Africa. What is up with that? Sure there is some sand here and there but they have unlimited solar power and Internet access right? If not, I see an opportunity for a new Internet provider: CamelNet

TIP-sters, we thank you for continued support. We hope the information we provide is helpful and don’t forget you can contact us via the rant line or email. We also hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we have fun recording it, even if Jenn the MWLOOTLADY is on it.

~ [MIG] Chainsaw Chester

  • Lanai City, Hawaii

  • You aren’t too popular in the Muslim world either. Asshats are too busy humping camels.

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