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Episode 99: Taking the Simplest Things and Making Them Complicated

The entire crew is together again. This is a show of frustrations and it is hard not to be with so many features in the game screwed up. In spite of Event Fatigue we do try to keep our spirits up by poking fun at Zynga where appropriate. Pistol Pete does talk a little about the new Hopper item, The Henchman. Jennifer delves deep into other problems and issues in the game. While Chester covers some tricks and tips for the Battle Module. The 100th Episode Mock start this weekend, we hope everyone has a chance to come and play.

  • Hi.
    I think Zynga have stopped the ability to build from all the properties, tonight I built from the 3 new ones but could only build from 2 of the original, I paid 3 RP to speed up all but 2 of them I could not build, it showed they were ready on the properties page, but in the actual build page itself it showed I needed 12 RP to build but the timer showed 3 odd hours to go. I tried to get through to Zynga by email with screen shots but was unable to connect to send the email..

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