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Episode 102: When The Heck Is Mafia Wars Birthday Anyway?

This Episode is filled with Spocklet Enhancements like AAN, Battle Mode and Ice Season Tracking. Pistol Pete discusses the Grant_Batch_43 Cookie and the rumors surrounding it. Jen covers in detail game changes, and the various Nerfs. While Chester covers the confusing Birthday of Zynga and therefore OG.

  • Could you add a color bar for the best money job as well?

  • Hey guys, love the Cast,

    Just here to let you know that I dropped a Street Blade on a boss fight. I was 3rd on the list and got that and 3 middle tier loots. Still not seen a Lullaby, but have a little faith, they do drop. facebook profile is in the url section, just switch (those that can) and check it out.

    Thanks for a good show,

    John W

  • hello looks nice

  • Mafia Wars was released to the public in April 2008 with the first playable in-game city called New York.

    Source: Wikipedia.

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