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Episode 107: Get Your Head In The Game

Do not have a lot of time to write a synopsis for this show. Here is a challenge. First person to post a reply to this show on The Informant Podcast website (, with the closest starting time (ie. 00(min):01(sec):21(millisec)) of the discussion that relates to the title of the show. Will be the winner of a $20 MW Game Card. The challenge will we open until 12:00pm CST today 10/21/2011. Good luck.

  • good name would be no more drama

  • No more Drama and the spock leader board fix

  • Well i got a late start, but, I’ll give it a whirl anyway.

    Get Your Head In The Game started at 24:50:25. (close guess maybe?) BTW, no fair, I had to kill 50 in Brazil. LOL

  • The time stamp is 24:50.5. When Jen asks Jana if she has news.

  • thanks for the show~! 24:24

  • you guys rock, thanks for all the great insight and fun chatter!

  • Get your head in the game and pick your battles.

    So tired of hearing people complain about the game with all it’s changes. It’s time to use your head in the game and just do the things you want or are able to do. Are you going to battle the bosses or fight in the Family modules? Are you going to become a Zynga puppet and do all the jobs and missions and complain you don’t have time to fight? I don’t see any rules where it says you have to do everything that Zynga throws at you. So let’s just stop all the whining and remember “It’s a Game!”

    Too many people have quit the game thinking it’s become to tiresome to do everything.. well, then don’t!!!! This game is a boring point and click game without all the interactions between people… it’s time to remember that and only do what you can or want to do. When you let the game control your life, you’re right.. it’s time to walk away. When you decide what you want out of this game, “Just Do It”

    You need to Get Your Head In the Game and decide what’s a priority for you and what you need to build your character the way you want. What loot is important to make you stronger and plan how you can obtain them.

    You have to decide what this “game” is to you and work a plan of action.

  • 25:00 you guys have a great show.. keep it up.

  • first comment 😀
    i reject the reality and substitute my own:
    mafiawars is a great and very fun game to play.
    [SPOCK] did NOT beat [MIG]!!!
    revenge, served ICEcold! get your {ASS} handed over to you, [SPOCK]! prepare to be anihilated by the non-scripters! 😀
    you’re ALL great! thanks for your addictive show!!! *hugs*

  • 20 mins 26 secs 00 ms

    lol prolly wrong anyway….

    love u guys!

    TIP rocks!

  • 24:50:26 Jen starting the conversation of the News of Jana getting her head in a Crate.

    Congrats to Anthony K. First one to post the closest time. We will be contacting you shorty with your winnings.


  • Observation of the important kind:
    Robber BG, Spockholms new Gift-anator and Aruns Chucker, stops by them selves everytime. I found a solution: By having Quick Healer on, they run continously and fast as they should! – maybe this is useful for you guys when solving how to make things work?

    One Man Crime-Spree the best, never stopping MW-player there is.

  • Mia’s a crackhead!

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