Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 108: The Eternal Optimist

Jana, Jen and Pete catch up on the changes in the game. Which fortunately this week were not that many. This show we cover a few tips on some lesser know ways to collect Experience in light of the Crime Spree removal. Pete hold s out hope the removal is just a sign of them imporving the game.  While we have it on good authority the end of MW is not going to happen in quarter 1 of 2012. Contrary to Mayan and ET predictions. Anthony was the winner of the “Head in the Game” Challenge. Congrats to him.

  • First things first. I love the show, I’ve been listening to it for quite some time. I think since like Episode 50. I was always a lurker though. Just listened to the show and moved on. Anyway, thanks for all the work y’all do. Ok, now a few things about the show. It was 1/100 of a second, Pete. LoL When I saw the “official” time I was pretty amazed. As for the moderation, I’ve posted quite a few times and mine always has to wait for approval. Love the batch mode / burst feature. Help with those stolen ices. Jen… Do not ever go to Vegas. HAHA! The family battles gave rewards for a bit. Did they remove that already? Granted they weren’t very good rewards, but there were some rewards. White flag is a must. I know we’ve fought some family’s that didnt’ want to fight anymore and were mad because every time they healed up to do something elsewhere in the game we’d wipe them out.

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