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Episode 109: The Word Of The Day: Ridiculous

Obviously the topic of the day is the Zombie Invasion. We have things we like and dislike. It was a nice change of pace. However, it broke a slew of Spocklets. Jen covers some of the key games changes. While Chester introduces us to the Word of the Day. I believe he used it about ten times or more during the rants. Our shout-outs get a bit lengthy tonight in part becuase MIG decided to Drive-By the SPOCKS who remained somewhat oblivious to the whole thing. We know Pistol Pete was at least.

  • Hi, I just recently came back to Mafia Wars. I think Brazil was about to be released when I quit. Anyway, to the point. A friend of mine showed me the Mafia Manager Spocklet. (I was told to not use bookmarklet, hah). I do have a question. In the section where it says friends not in mafia, there is a list of ID’s at the bottom that I can copy. Is there another spocklet I can use to invite all those people to my mafia or should I just go the long route of adding the 100’s of people that dropped me when i stopped playing.

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