Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 112: Information For New and Old Players Alike

This show covers a little bit of new information and a little bit of some old tips for those just starting out.  We also address the importance of discussing family issues including Drama. We have also realized that in order to avoid family drama your better off playing MW2 or Farmville. MW is a social game, and personal interactions and conflict is almost unavoidable.  Not impossible to avoid but very difficult.  So sit back relax, breathe, and enjoy the show.

  • Hey,

    great show, thanks a lot.
    I LOVE the personal part of the show, much more interesting than the MW information. Except the sports, I am only into football (the real football ;-)) and have no idea on baseball, basketball and other, but I guess some people are, so I do not complain 😉
    Keep up the great show and stay as you are!

  • Thanks for the info you guys put out helps me to keep may family informed and up to date.
    I have noticed alot of players leaving the game and i have slowed down alott in the last few months well have a good one.

  • Hi guys.
    Good Show, as usual.
    But one thing though; The Game is individual. The aim is to become the last Godfather standing.
    So the Family arrangement, used by a GOOD player, is used like a complement.
    It`s really not necessary to achieve the maximum points on Family tasks every day. Just pick what comes from it by your natural flow.
    We have actually started a Pacifist Clan,that doesn`t do either Battles or Boss Fights. We are welcoming all sizes of players, since for us the Family is just a Tool. So from my point of wiew, running the Family as a successful company with all doing maximum of their capacity, is totally useless. have a nice Day. Leif H Strand. (Former SPOCK)

  • Curiosity always kills the cat…. Just curious as to whom this “Lefty” is and where one can find his bookmarklets. I’m an avid Spockholm user but am always looking for new toys to enhance my game 🙂 (ps. yes I googled first but couldn’t find anything…)

    You guys rock! always classy (chuckle) and definitely the best MW podcast.

  • Hey, a newbie tip that should help new accounts, concerning job ratios:

    Get out of Chicago as QUICK AS POSSIBLE, as the job ratios suck before gold and ruby. You have to level to 25 before you can leave. Once you do leave, the best place to go is Brazil for job ratios. The first two districts are key, Centro and Belem. Level them once to Bronze, and then STOP. Best job ratios are then the 2 Energy (2.00 job ratio) jobs in Centro, and the 6 Energy job (2.17) in Belem. Stay at that energy level for as long as you can, I am level 1000 and I still have kept those districts at Bronze.

    Early as possible, you also want to get Chicago district Main Street Speakeasy leveled to Gold, and then stop there, don’t level to Ruby. The best Chicago job then becomes ‘Case Warehouses on the North Side’, which I have stuck at 2.13 job ratio.

    To get the best job ratio in Brazil and Chicago, you need to get the Private Island in New York, get the best possible bonuses for the two positions in your Top Mafia which affect experience (+10% exp, and -10% cost), and level Recife as far as possible for Brazil job ratio boost.

    By doing those things, and constantly switching between Brazil and Chicago jobs when needed to finish of a level, and staying below ~2.13 on the Spockholm toolbar ratio indicator, you should find leveling a breeze. Doing this with an energy account lets you get to 1000 within a month. Good luck, have fun! 🙂

  • Haha, I almost fell off my chair when Jana said: “I tapped Pete before, I don’t need to unfriend him.” Friends with benefits? That’s what she said!! 😛

  • ‘Lefty Thumbbreaker… His tool… can do some pretty powerful stuff’ *smirk* That’s what she said?! 😀

  • Good evening!

    Just two things, firstly: checking the boss fighting leaderboard for people jumping is dangerous since it throughout the whole fight can get “out of sync” and not show the correct personal score. So that’s riscy…. and innocent people can swing in the gallows in vain… But if there’d be a watertight system to notice who clicks when rage is at what number it’d be really useful.

    And, to not “cancel” operations fully so they vanish, just click “home page”/open another tab and close the window with the operation popup and then you’ll find it waiting in the queue under the bosses tab ready to start whenever you feel like it.

    Enjoying the podcast every time. It’s really nice to put it on while clicking around ingame. Keep it up!

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