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Episode 116: ZMC Woes, and Other Gifting Issues

Pete leads a in-depth discussion about “cheating”, the Continuous Play Warning Notifications and the gifting changes that broke the Link-a-Nator. Jen provides game updates, additions, experiments, cross game promotions, future releases and the black market for Mafia Wars account sales. The gang is not very happy about the recently updated Zynga Forum rules. Jana and Jen talk about the Family Battle between [MIG] and {ASS}. Chainsaw Chester will be roasted this week and you all are invited to participate.

  • Just wanted to post a little rant about the Mafia Wars Shakedown promotion. If they are going to do something like that, they need to make it for Android as well. Some people don’t use iPad’s or iPhone’s. Both my phone and my tablet are Android. So, I’m out for getting this promotion. :-/ Ah well. As for the limited time properties. I think it’s a bit unfair to new users or users that don’t have the mafia to get the exorbitant amount of parts you need to finish them. As you said in the show, they may bring them back later, but.. then again they may not. Just a rant day for me. LoL Sorry. Great show as always.

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