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Episode 117: Gobble, Gobble, Gobble. Protect Your Turkey

The Great Turkey has Arrived and we had all the greatest intentions of posting this early. However, Pistol Pete was a little busy doing something else Thanksgiving Day. So here is a pre-pre-recorded show with some pertinent information. Enjoy.1

  • How come I never knew about these podcasts before? 🙁

    Me thinks your tool bar should cough up a button for the most current podcast..

    Now, could you include why Assassination is better than battlefield? (if that is in fact the case? I have run them both and not sure myself)..


    • Rassie, I appreciate the comment. I will do a little research and see if I can explain the benefits. Pistol Pete

  • My Turkey always being stolen !!!

  • now a have a very BIGS PROBLEM!!! My ID had being haked…I can’t open my fb…how if am open a new fb acc…can i get back my MAFIA WAR wth the level ??? Now i’m using the new name SJoclyne Wong…plz help i’m really love Mafia war.

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