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Episode 123: Mafia Wars Player Generosity

Little bit of everything in this show.  Pistol Pete covers the difficulty keeping up with Zynga especially when they roll stuff back after 5 1/2 hours.  Jen explains the Family Property a little more, and Marketplace promotions. The crew also discusses briefly the IPO, and why it was not as big as Z might have expected. Jana also shares the generosity of the Mile High Hit Men at their Meet and Greet and the Food Drive. As Jana would say, “good times”.

  • Regarding Zynga’s IPO. It got off to a good start selling at $10/share, which gives Zynga a net worth of 10 billion dollars. It is the largest IPO in 2011, and the largest internet related offering since Google in 2004. Thete is a huge split amongst analysts if the company is worth that much. On one side, you have many bankets involved in the IPO issuing glowing remarks, and many analysts just copying and pasting these biased opinions. Thry stock has already dropped in trading to a little above $9.00 a share. Hete’s your chance to see how wall street analysts predictions compare with your own.
    A prominent , analyst not affiliated eith the IPO says the target price is $7/share. He cites steadily declining revenues and cashflow, and that it’s most profitsble game, Farmville is well on the downswing. FB is declining in popularity. Revenues for the company have dropped every year since 2009. There had been no big hit like when socisl platforming games hit the mass market, such as Zyngas poker,MW,Farmville etc. Increased competition from experirnced video game makers, and the need to continuously pull bait and switch tactics by turning free gaming players into paying ones. On the flipside, you have another prominent analyst saying that social gaming, which promotes interaction with others will continue to grow and is a ‘cure’ to boredom. He states zynga has invested 400 million in R&D of games of late to try and come up with the nrw Fsrmville. Two major titles are to be introduced in 2012 which will foretell the future of the company…..Zynga is a wiz at convrtting free plsyers to paying players…..Zyngas revenue for the next two wuarters eill rise, but just from past revenue witheld. Now your turn: Fundamentally all games,players,and revenue have been in a freefall. As a player of MW, I have seen what they have and hsven’t done to the game, which has resulted in lost players. However the players that remain are spending money most likely, but for hoe long? Zynga has made the game s job, and dependent upon people to pay money to keep up….but has so many glitches and flaws and doesn’t lidten to it’s customer base, nor care to listen. The question is, following this philosophy, which they have no intentions of changing, can they introduce 2-3 superficial hit games each year like in 2009 and 2010, to bored casual players and convert them to cash playets? Well, they will need to attract a never ending supply of people unfamiliar with Zynga games for sure, bc based on their dedication toMW, which will continue to decline, they will be burning through social platform paying video game players……

    • Mark, thanks for the detailed update on the IPO. Only time will tell where it will go.


  • Also, and this is probable the only sure thing, thry are counting on increased revenue from designing games for ipod,android, and windows smartphones. Thid seems the best direvtion they should move in, becaise they can’t and don’t plan to produce glitch free games of significant intetest, other than kill boredom. Of course this takes the social intrtaction away and puts them in directt competiyion with truly ptofeddionsl vidro game companies…..

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