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Episode 125: Very Trader No Goh Christmas Special

The sits down and starts their Christmas special. Little do they know someone else had some plans for the show.

  • Just want to say thank you for this show. It’s really helped my game play. Your golden tool bar is great. I listened to this today and it’s good to hear that there’s people out there who love this game as much as I do. I do feel that the loss of Chester is a massive blow for the community, hopefully he’ll be back… I miss his ‘what’s up’ and the ‘that’s what she said’ already! You guys, to me, are the unsung heroes of Mafia Wars! Keep it up! -ÐI☠XΐИ-

  • Dude that works at Starbucks’ kicks ass!!!!!!

  • omg you did a clip show .. where did you get the cookie monster from @ 12:30 oh chris come back im green on your arse now i deserve some pay back time after you sitting on my arse for a week or two when i was M,inc any gr8 show thanks keep up the hard work :)))

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