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Episode 130: The Exodus Has Begun, Can It Be Stopped?

Maybe Exodus is too strong a word, but more and more players are slowly leaving the game. Have we found ourselves on the Titanic of Social Games. We here at TIP are in it to the end. I think we hope things are going to turn around. We think however our optimism is slowly being replaced with skepticism and degrees of pessimism.  We got another probably it comes with new ways to get through it, items in gifting, feeds, etc. However, will there be enough time for the casual player. We are not convinced. Pistol Pete covers some fixes to Stream Scanner, and a couple of new features in the TB. Jen fills us in on all the game changes and jokes if people want to hear less of her.  Zynga needs to slow down.

P.S. When the Informant Podcast started we had 15-20 minute Episodes. Due to all the weekly game changes we can barely cover everything in 40 minutes. This is an indicator of how much this game has been “work” for not just the players but also all the bloggers, shows, families, etc. We guess the saying we will rest when I die. Holds some hope. However, I never die and can regenerate health on a 30 second timer interval. So back to work for us. I guess….

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