Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 138: Glitchity, Glitch

Well this time Jen and Pete are solo, until a strange visitor returns to the show. Pistol Pete mentions the changes to the Family Rank data that is maintained by Team Spockholm.  He also reads a rant from a listener regarding boycotting. Jen skims over the surface of most of the game changes becuase they are all repeats in some way. While the major topic of conversation is a glitch regarding Loot and Items that could be a game changer.

  • awesome and funny show .. Chester please come back just for the show i all ways get a good laugh when your on it .. and keep up the good work all
    cheers Geoff

  • 100% right about the boycott. It is good to try to get the word out to the community… for knowledge purposes… but Zynga does not care.

    I posted about not building the properties and I have stood by that. After the previous property… ran a test… 6 accts hit both links, sent both parts… and i actually got credit for 1… that was the end of it for me!

    First time i have listened to the podcast… will be back for sure! Good show!

  • Geoff,

    You are a genius.

    Chainsaw Chester

  • Pete bit of a heads up. sometimes your hard to hear other wise keep up the great work over at spock and the podcast.

    • I do try to adjust for this in post edit. I will try to speak up more.


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