Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 139: Ladies Night

The ladies get to run this show with Pistol Pete out with pneumonia. Jen and Jana do a brilliant job covering all the game changes. Couple of highlights. Nestor would like to see an indicator for times iced, after a battle is complete.  Helping some families decide who they need to help to make them more formidable. Jen points out the new war loot and tiers released. Jana reminds Jen about the new Valentines Events, in the Marketplace and Gifting.

  • death mig by gucci? jana i think you need to help jen right on that one lol…i listen to the podcast enough to let it just flow off the tongue though mig death by gucci…see see where the mig and the death goes jen lol…the 2 of you did an excellent job on this though…i think pete needs to watch out…you guys just might take over the entire podcast lol

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