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Episode 142: Confusion Runs Wild

The whole crew returns for another mind tingling episode. Pistol Pete discusses his perspective on the use of scripts and the overall benefits in the game. Especially on a personal basis with no impact on other players in the game. In addition, there have been a couple of new Spocklets, the Defendor, and The Bookie Boss Fighter for the new secret district. In addition there has been updates to Repeatjob, and Gift Blaster. Jen fills us in on the bandits feature of the new district, and there is a bit of confusion of the Sniper role. It seems like the sniper added to the crew might prevent the bandits. Since it shows in the jobs section of the crew list. However, it seems the only purpose of the sniper is to eliminate the bandit once it shows. So who knows. Why bother adding it to the crew options. Since it is not really a crew member to activate.

  • I noticed that your telephone number has a prefix 707 and I live in 707/Sebastopol which I like.I frequently check podcast and the other information resource links that help so much and want to thank all of you very much…. I think the new district sh/b by the Wookie where you eliminate the Bandaids and beat up the Coach… yes with a ten key….lol ….while typing this the info on Boss rage is something that my family admin have been wanting/needing to deal with,so timely the info is for us!!.The person who said podcast is boring should try to come up with few minutes of there own and find out what it takes to bring together all that is necessary to produce anything like this,they would change that opinion instantly. TYVM

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