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Episode 144: Dissolving the PAC, Making Way For PAC 2.0

Well PAC is officially being Dissolved, Disbanded, whatever. However, discussions are already in the works for a PAC 2.0. More streamlined and tasked oriented. Pistol Pete discusses the New Family Battle History Spocklet and additions to the Golden Toolbar (GTB) for HTML notifications on family progression, Battles, and Skill Point Re-Allocation. Jen and Jana talk about the end of Italy, the new Family Battle Target Lily O’Valley, and the Zynga Game network being developed and the implications on players on FB.

  • It is critical that small families are represented as equally as the large families are after all we are asked to do the same tasks as them and are disadvantaged because fo our size but we do not shirk we trudge on and do as much as we can do taking the hits in our overall stats. If in fact 2.0 is coming please please please add some small families not just the large popular ones.

  • They need to dump Mafia Wars its getting very very BORING same thing every week! Money money money I know it drives the world but when youve played a game for over 2 years and Im a baby I know well how deep are my pockets “NOT VERY” If you have “MILLIONS OF CUSTOMERS” more than the others then you charge less 24.97 a month and they dont even tell you anything smoke and mirrors sounds like the scam artiest of past to me wake up Zynga you dont rob the people that put you there GET REAL what ever your name is that owns it wake up smell the coffee

  • Great show guys as always, been listening for over 2 years now? Boy time flies ;p Always great info, and not boring to me, you stir it up and banter to make the show more interesting. Here is my thought/suggestion for Spockholm as I’ll post what I just wrote on my wall when I finished the Cage Fight Arena to level 15! “Free Part! TYVM Mafia, Level 15, cannot be done without all your help and clicks, I always RTF, if I missed you chat me up or post on this post or another, and I help you to! :-)) Until the next “Beg-A-Thon,” and I hope there will not be another, but somehow I doubt it… ;p
    Note to Spockholm: please make a Beg-A-Nator so every 8 hours it spits 2 posts out and we all can lvl faster 🙂 heh heh”

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