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Episode 148: March Madness Has Crept Into Pistol Pete’s Brain

Well it is March Madness Season and Pistol Pete is all fired up. Well that was until his team lost on the first round.  However, lots in the game to distract him and others. London has been unleashed on the players. Spockholm spent a good bit of time running through the various Spocklets that would be used in London and for the most part many worked. Some just needed minor fixes for the new currency. Team Spockholm did release a new spocklet the progression collector to help make some informed decisions on when to collect your bronze, silver and gold progression. Jen gives us all the details on the London release and the minor changes in design from previous cities. Also she covers a listeners question on the popups showing in game for some players regarding the new buy-in program that is not exactly released yet.

  • Hey , can you tell me where I can find this ” THe progression Collector ” Spocklet ?

    • It is called the Family Exp Collector. Sorry for the confusion. Talked about it on tonights show.

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