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Episode 150: Ban’s, Blocks, Unframing, Oh My!!

Well it has been done. There is an all out effort to curb rogue script behavior. In the process those that use scripts in a reasonable manner are being punished. Pistol Pete hopes there will be some eye opening at the Studio to how this approach can actually end up hurting them. He is in full support of tackling the issue of curbing Rogue scripts. Rogue Scripts are often modifications of existing scripts to perform tasks at a blistering rate. Jen and Janna covers the new fight loot, the Battle Module issues, and the Slingo game.

  • it would appear that zynga has pulled the plug on your sprockletts as well. any hope in the near future of a return your very excellent work?

    • Rat man,
      Not really. We are still running. We have the toolbar which will run the scripts even in a framed game. In addition there is a GM script in FireFox which will unframe the game quite cleanly. So all hope is not yet lost.


  • i cant get it to activate im frozen

  • thank you spocks & informants!!!
    150 reasons why i haven’t quit, yet.
    shout out to:
    pistol pete, eike, martin, jen, MIKE nestor!!!, jana, chester, [MIG ], {ASS}! *hugs*
    you guys are 90% why i continue to play a stuffed game!

  • Good show, just wanted to add my thoughts on “rogue scripts”. I believe a lot of this could be resolved by taking a look at the way fighting used to work.

    1) Opponents had less health, so it took a lot less server requests to get an ice on someone.

    2) Attackers had less health too, and attacking too fast would leave you in a position where you were waiting on the hospital cool down.

    So, why not change the hospital (maybe only heal 5000 health, as opposed to all your health). Or give us some kind of super power attack.

    To sum it up – fighting is broken right now due to the huge amount of health everyone has, and this has created a much larger market for such “rogue scripts”.

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