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Episode 154: The MW Two Class System

The new VIP system has arrived. There are pro/cons as with any system. The biggest concern is the fragmentation in the Mafia Wars community. In essence creating a Two Class System. The Payers and the non Payer Players. This topic was so compelling MIG Chainsaw Chester returns to discuss it at length. Pistol Pete talks a little about a new Toolbar feature and a way to Faux Unframe ( with more working real estate. Jen fills us in on the new property that will be coming, the new Mission, and the Poker season.


  • excuse me… spending $25 on a monthly term for a game..? I don’t see that. The regular $ to spend for a game to download is around $6-7 … I would understand if zynga would ask $6.99 a month for a regular daily player with a some comfy RP reward and ONE nice (random) high/very high loot item and a VIP version for $9.99 a month with more RP and TWO cool loot. I do understand zynga wants (needs) a regular calculation for income, but $25 is just over the top…

    ** and i LOVE the idea to combine robbing/fighting for family progression.. and 150 ices is really getting HARD !!! I do 4 runs and won’t get the ices!

    • Honestly, it is not that unheard of. I paid this for a subscription for my son on Lego Universe. Depends on how you spend your entertainment dollars. Some will spend it on a game. Some will drop a thousand dollars to go to a NCAA tournament. So who are any of us to criticize where those people feel they want to spend those dollars. I think from my personal prespective the person spending thousands or ten’s of thousands is over the top. But then Movie Stars spend a thousand dollars for the same tattered jeans I can buy at Target.


  • would be ok if they ALSO offered a RP trade-in for the month membership … say $25cash for a month, or 250RP for a month. that gives us non-payers the choice to dump a bunch of level earned RP to gather as many vip items as possible

  • Hello,
    I am listening to your program here Episode 154: The MW Two Class system and you say it is cheaper to buy 200 rps normally than it is to pay a subscription for 25USD a month. I see that 215 rps cost 36.22GBP which is about 57USD if you don’t have a discount and even if you get a 40% discount it costs you 21.74GBP which is 34USD… Can you correct this or clarify your thinking because I might be wrong but that’s what information I see in the Marketplace ?

    Best Regards – Paul Wright

    • Yeah, when editing I knew this was going to get confusing. Let me see if I can explain Jen’s comment in a little further detail. As well as clarify some assumptions under this scenario.

      We are discussing US dollars only.
      We are assuming most are waiting on the 50% offer. If we are talking full price, or the 40% off we need to redo the math.

      If I goto the marketplace full price 215Rp =$50 US if people wait and buy at the 50% off so you can get the 215RP for $25. So since you only get 200 per month VIP for 24.97. You are getting a little short changed. Each RP in this purchase option costs the player 8.6 cents. So the additional 15 would end up costing $1.20. A purchase would be a better buy @ the 50% off. 15RP is not a big deal and if the loot is refreshed monthly then the membership would be a decent buy. IF you are already a spender.


  • i have for along time have had problems with my family how about something that lets me see how much each person is adding to the properties like artillery shells if they are not adding to those they really are not helping its been hard to get the ices and i have finally laid off of people getting those ices but they are now not adding those shells ,,, or the concrete

  • i got it for the first month for the 50 SPs and to see what it was about, i was curious, what can i say….at 30% off 170 RPS was going to cost me $30.03. Its $42.90 for 170 RPs at regular price so i dont know how “thru regular means” is cheaper that the $24.97. Plus the 50 SPs plus all the loot. But i did immediately cancel the subscription, and even if they DO keep it updated, i doubt i will buy again. hopefully the marketplace sales will continue. thats where i get RPs. I dont mind buying them at 50 or 60% off. I dont think doing this for 1 month, maxing the fight loot, getting 200 RPs AND 50 SPs is that bad of a deal for $25. But i do understand and agree with the separation this will cause in the community. it shows yet again how out of touch they are with the players.

  • sorry pete, i just read the post above mine…..I rarely see 50% off, and since creating the VIP program i wonder if they will come at all. As a matter of a fact, I havent seen a discount offer over 30% and had one 3 days ago for 15%. something smells about all this

  • Go vote on the poll we have about this on our FB page!

    ~Chainsaw Chester

  • I think that 24.97 is too high for what you get for the money and Zynga is completely out of touch and will run off more players and while they might make a little money, this is short sighted and stupid.

    Regarding family progression, I still think that this whole system is not fair to the small families. It will take my family a very long time to get to the upper levels in family progression. We also have many lower level players who can’t do the ices. Why do big families get benefits that small families can’t really attain.

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