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Episode 155: Big Warm Bowl Of Nothing That Matters

Nothing much new in the game but the gang has many things to talk about. Easter comes and goes for the second year without a promotional event. Does Zynga not like the Easter Bunny? More VIP talk and Jana is still without the option. Jennifer corrects a mistake from the last show as she forgot to point out that 200 Reward Points are cheaper than $25 only if there is a promotional Marketsale going on which happens at least once a month. There is another New York property but this is no longer news worthy as it happens all the time. A controversial loot item has been removed from the inventory and this and other loot items are discussed as well as the elusive Raven.

  • the money zynga generates goes straight over to pakistan..theres no ‘easter bunny’ there

  • Thank you Pete for saying what you did about not bashing those who spend RPs. I went out to a nice club downtown the other night and spent $200 on dinner and drinks, and not that great of conversation. I don’t go to the movies a lot so I do look at it as spending my entertainment dollars here. Some of those “bashers” are usually one that spend money. I have 2000 of each of the new loot and still lose just as I did before. The only thing I have noticed is that my ratios are a little better in Chicago. Had I not got the pop-up this morning, I would have never noticed I got the VIP for a month. And for next month, they need to offer more free SKILL POINTS! Spockholm, just buy Mafia Wars!

  • There should be no bashing on those with $$$ and want to spend it on the game. I spend my money (after my wife and kids steal most of it) on beer and cigars.

    I think that the game is morphing into a subscription based platform as you will need to spend $$ to try and compete. Not for me..

    ~Chainsaw Chester

  • Ok so my ice ratio has gone from maybe 10-15% to around 2% over the last 6 months.. (guessing this has been a staged drawn down of fighting effectiveness)

    I got the VIP and my family stats went around the same amount as the family properties provided.(maybe 10k?)

    My ice ratio is STILL at the same 2% or so on any given day.. Given the family stat to personal stat ratio is pretty wide (personal stats go a lot further than family stats) I just do not see the VIP thing as so much a game changer in fighting.. Yea you get a buttload of new loot (currently 2500 of each new)

    Where I personally am using the VIP this month is to pound home my reallocation.. (and that takes more money)..

    The VIP is not going to make that much difference (IMHO) to the casual player that does not use the reallocation feature.. And those that DO use the feature are spending anyway.. My bet is the numbers go up, the ratios stay pretty much the same..

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