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Episode 156: When Does Playful Banter Cross the Line

The conversation tonight revolves around several different topics. Pistol Pete covers the behind the scenes work being done on the Family Progression Monitor. He covers a new toolbar addition, which adds a +5 to the options for applying your skill points when you level. Jen covers the addition of Bandits to other cities as well as the increase in the limit to 35 in Queue. The Poker Season is coming to an end. Zynga is considering entering Avators in the game. Basically virtual dress up, if you would like to stop this from happening you really need to vote. Click Here to go to the survey and cast your vote (NO!!).  A large portion of this show is about when game banter goes too far. Jana and Chester lead this conversation with our guest Chad of JAB.

  • Family Progression: Social families will not be monitoring progression, and as pointed out, other GF/GM’s will micro-manage — which, while dramatic and painful during this monitoring, it will only create families of like-minded people.

    Skill points — all health — make them sweat 😉

    Bandits — as Jen pointed out, they slam you with them initially, and then will not appear for days. As a serial leveler, day one’s requirement hampered my progression – now, it’s back to business as usual.

    The fine line is NOT crossed if folks remember that there is a person behind every monitor . . . allow the “close calls” to be self effacing remarks. Self made humor is generally the most accepted and the most appreciated.
    Laugh at yourself and you will never be accused of crossing the line.

    Playful Banter — sorry Pete, your pistol discharged prematurely on this one!
    Or Chester — still learning your voices . . . (that’s what she said)
    (Tell me if that was too personal :-p )

    hmmm . . “That’s Gay” . . intimates that it is bad. Off base, frankly whether you are straight, gay, neutered like me – lol, or a Priest. It’s wrong to attack in that manner.

    “Retarded” — you NEVER know if someone is the parent of a special needs child. Why use this to hurt? Let your game do the talking.

    Ass hat, Ass Bandit — funny, no matter how you look at it and not politically incorrect unless you have a unique hat that you wear on special occasions – like Easter.

    Now – the suggestion to play Farmville; If I recall, there is the opportunity to post a sign on a stake in a friends field . . . so, it COULD turn ugly before you fertilize!

    Your friend,

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