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Episode 159: You Asked For It, You Got It, SUGGESTIONS

Once again Zynga is asking the players for feedback/suggestions. The gang shares some of the things they would change in the game. It’s not known if this time will be different and Zynga will listen but all we can do is hope for the best. Pete plays a player rant and shout out. Jana give a special shout out to Frank, a long time fan and friend.

  • make it easier to reach zynga,,,,,a swap shop where we can trade things we don’t use for things we can use,,,even @ 50 to 1,,,,beats not being able to use 1000 useless things

  • Why are we getting booted back to the Mafia start page when we are fighting,,, you have to go through a pop up for sales of points and the useless pop up for gifte before you can get back to the fight and hop someone didnt ice ur ass while you ere trying to find the person you were fighting

  • Wonder if the VIP will give better loot.. maxed out in 2 days .. will it change month to month or stay the same like the pawn and loyalty loot did.

  • Since we’re talking suggestions here, i’d like to make one. The Assasin a nator is a great tool and i’d like to make a suggestion about players that heal during fighting and or players that auto heal. If it were possible could there be a way that you could make it auto skip targets that heal or auto heal? A suggestion for vegas, and this is for Zynga Mafia Wars devs, there’s no way to change vegas chips to pounds. That would help because the jack the ripper +5 health costs 6500 pounds. I also think that Zynga needs to have another look at top mafia, maybe adding something to it if you just have family members as your top mafia. Talking about achievements that’s ungettable, and yes the raven achievements are ungettable to, but so is the new york money achievements. Unfortunately i didn’t take advantage of a glitch to get them all, and there’s always so much to do in the game and cannot really work towards these achievements.

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