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Episode 160: Way To Pile It On, Zynga

WOW, could we have gotten and more new stuff to do.  Well. I guess the answer is yes, becuase after we recorded yet another limited time property landed on our screens.  Pete and Jen are solo tonight. Spockholm released Union Hall 2.0 as a toolbar feature.  Jen does get to finally dump out all the changes that has occurred. We think way more than necessary.

  • I have been going back and forth with Zynga since Feb when I made my BBB complaint against them. I complained about the VIP program being on slow roll out and on the phone both people told me the same thing, that this is just how they have to do things and they aren’t going to change. Tonight I was told this by email-

    Your concerns about features being slowly rolled out (Power Packs, VIP program, etc.) are concerns that many players share. This is necessary for the Mafia Wars team as they work to ensure a stable feature for the entire community. They conduct tests and make adjustments to the feature as it is being rolled out, and it is necessary to do so in a smaller and controlled environment. I do apologize for the negative impact it has had on your gameplay and will forward your feedback regarding this to the Mafia Wars team.

    I don’t care what they try to say, I still call BS on this. If they need to test it fine, beta test it like you all say, test it on a small number of players. To test it on a large number of players but not all is just unfair. I had the same issue when Power Packs came out. I didn’t get it for many months. I feel anything that gives 1 player an advantage over another and results in an unequal playing field is wrong. So I can’t get the VIP loot now and before with the power packs I could not double my health or get free stamina ( this of course cost me rps not to be able to get the free stamina at the time, I then had to buy it) and the health packs come in handy at times when fighting. Also, the way they do slow roll outs, they don’t care if everything that’s slowly rolled out comes last to the same people over and over. I am always last. This is not quite fair. Alternate the lists or something.

    I do think that for formerly platinum players like myself they should have offered us the VIP option first as a token to show they appreciated the money we spent. Not because we were better than anyone but because we did spend a lot of money to reach platinum level and got nothing for it. No one at Zynga wants to discuss the complete-lets just call it- fraud- they got away with when they promoted this loyalty program, advertised benefits for this program for reaching Platinum and then never honoring this. I never saw 1 thing from the loyalty chart they had in the game ever happen. False advertising and fraud at its best. No one at Zynga even wants to discuss this. If you spend the money and they promise rewards they should give them or again it’s BS and I’d think not really legal. I digressed a bit here but this really bothers me.

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