Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 161: TIP On Your Side!!!

The crew meets up to cover just a little about the game becuase of the volume of game additions that got thrown at us last week. Pistol Pete does talk a little about the FBRemoveFriends spocklet and the as a note. This has been fixed for both Timeline and Non-Timeline users. He also talks about the addition of the family Battle ranks to Family Ranks site. Jen talks a bit about the War Glitch and the impact on the game. As well as the need for something to offset ices in family progression. She also shares that there was a new PAC meeting, for which, minutes will soon me publish by Zynga. Both Jana and Jen discuss the catch-up time when a person is away from the game for a few days, and how Pistol Pete got a little worked up in the PAC meeting about game overload.


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