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Episode 163: PAC and Botting, A Hot Topic

Pete and Jen are alone and that could only mean one thing. PAC and Botting discussions. Zynga has released its stance on botting in the Blog. The gist of it, no script is safe.  While many of the script writers strive to make them as safe as possible there are no guarantees. Also many scripts are open source allowing for player changes to timers, etc. The burden on remaining safe rests with you the player. This has has been the general rule since the first script was designed and used with MW.  Scripts used in moderation, will probably never trigger a warning. However, actions running in multiple tabs or for large spans of time might get you on the Zynga radar gun.

  • I only got the warning that unusual activity was detected on my account 1 time and I was fighting manually. This kind of bothers me though, because if they ever penalize me because I am a fast clicker that’s not really fair.

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