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Episode 166: Pot Calling The Kettle Black

Jen, Jana, and Pete discuss a lot in this episode. It is interesting to look back on early episodes of the show and the 15 to 20 minutes of each recording. Nowadays there is so much going on the shows are running much longer. The crew tackles some game changes that have been asked for numerous times. We get to talk some of Pete twisted skill point hording obsession.  Jenn gets a taste of her own medicine when her boyfriend is on the computer playing Backyard monsters all night. Well and lots of other stuff. Enjoy.

  • You all are too funny and had me laughing the entire show.

    Zynga needs to do something about the bullies. I think it will lead to the end of the game eventually if they don’t. Plus, I don’t understand trying to ruin other people’s game experience.It is just wrong. If you have an issue with someone work it out like an adult.

  • It is a shame that this game seems to bring out the worst in people. People are willing to compromise their ethics and morals, shame the teachings of their parents and become hypocrites to their children, just to be able to have a better winning percentage in a stupid clicking game.

    I would love to see the trading resurrected, but until such time as Z and Facebook remove all these mini accounts that are being used to collect loot to feed someones main character, it should never happen, for the good of the game.

  • Using dormant accounts is fine provided they are indeed dormant. In Jana’s case not only was she iced 22 times, which means she lost potential revenue for being someone’s capo, but she lost 132 experience points which could have stopped her game play for up to five hours. And that is just not right. I don’t care if it is Z’s game. For me, being iced, no big deal I am not a stat watcher, the money again no big deal, But it is not about what is being lost in a material sense, but it is the principle.

  • I keep hearing about dead fight lists, not enough players to attain the 150 ices. Now I have been playing this game for 2 years and I have not seen a dead fight list in over a year and a half. Are there truly no players or is it that there are not enough players who are low enough that people can have a guaranteed victory from?

    Z needs to re-evaluate, is the 150 a realistic figure to acquire, given the excessive use of heath, the catapulted weapons numbers just because you joined the VIP club? are players realistic about their stats and what they can accomplish with them? Z has never said everyone will be able to meet family progression with regards to ices, however that does not mean they should be kicked out of a family after all, there are several other area’s that these players can help with. i hate to see players get all stressed out over this.

    Players need to play their game in what way makes them happy. I am going to play my game for me and the last thing I am going to tolerate is some snot nosed 20 or 30 year old kid telling me I am not helping my family enough.

  • if your getting bulled
    1 ) off line ask your mafia to attack

    2 ) attack them back some times you win

    i’m at the point where i don’t care if someone attacks me much
    but my attack is 1000 points higher then my defense

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