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Episode 169: Girlie Chit Chat…

Memorial day show. Lot’s to discuss. Some repeat info… Some not. Tune in and find out.

  • Well I am not friends with any of you so can’t message you and say I like your podcasts but hopefully I have made that clear here. I like the twice a week format as it is now. Even if I don’t learn anything and just listen, you all entertain me and make me laugh. Well other than the gooey chair thing, just eww, lol. But I do learn things too sometimes and hear other points of view and on occasion, history of the game that I didn’t know.

  • what tool do you use to find wars

  • I would just like to point out, that boss fights give you very good xp to stamina ratios. 5 stamina points gives you 15xp so it’s 3xp/1stamina and fighting gives you usually somewhere around 2xp/1stamina. So I usually do 15 000 points on boss fights to get one good loot and little bit more xp.

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