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Episode 170: What Happens When You Lose Power

Pete and Jen talk about having to go back to using stand-alone spocklets due to servers being down from power outages. Also discussed are some upcoming events such as poker season, a new gifting event and more. They talk about the properties going back to 18 hour timers, VIP changes and the boss fight being pulled. Pete mentions checklist possibly combining with the toolbar and were bandits really put in the game to slow script use down?

  • One thing you didn’t mention that drives me nuts is that everyone still doesn’t have access to VIP. They upgraded the plan but those that don’t have it will be months behind. I saw where the blog post about using that 1 method to get it was pulled. I used a script to get mine but it still annoys me that they never put access on my account. And I know they haven’t because I have to use the script in order to see that I have it. If they disapprove of this method as well too bad since I have had it 3 weeks.

    Loved Pete’s idea of putting the free item in the marketplace. Loved Jen’s shoutout to Jean and she is very inspiring to me.

  • Hi

    I have to disagree with loot lady about one thing. Speeding up things for spending RP:s is not a waste of money. Of course it is beneficial to get things done faster, because whole game is all about time. You will get levels later on, but the player who will get levels and skill points fastest will be the strongest player at the end of the day.

    Let’s say that two players have everything else on par but other player buys fighters energy refill every day for 5RP:s and 100 coins to get one extra level per day so after the end of the week he will be 35 skill points ahead of other player. So the player who is behind will be needing to do something else better or faster to cach up or that gap will keep on growing and growing.

    5RP for 5 skill points on faster level is a great deal. Lot better than 4 skill points for 12RP:s because if you don’t buy RP:s it’s not really a possible to buy 35 skill points in a week. That would cost you 105RP compared to 35RP for fighters energy refill. Of course higher levels need more xp to level up, but that is easily compensated by that 70RP difference on price, growing family bonuses and more skill points to put on more energy or stamina.

  • Hey guys…I think that loot item is pronounced Har’-bin-jer. Something that foreshadows something in the future, omen, sign. Good show!

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