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Episode 173: Joy Ride Down The Shoulder, Beware The Police

Jana is dealing with wild fires, Jennifer had a run in with the law and Pete went MIA. Aside from these set backs, the gang had time to play Mafia Wars and they talk about new Spocklets and upcoming features (which aren’t really new at all). The Lara Grace FFA was a success and the ≡TSG≡ ~KILLING FOR A CURE~ FFA to benefit the American Cancer Society is coming this weekend.

  • Jana is correct, the only way for a non VIP to be competitive is to be hooked up with a family with a high level 10k or better. I know the country is in the crapper and a lot of people are out of work. So while free is nice, newsflash, everything costs. 24.97 for the amount of entertainment hours, look a simple movie cost you almost 10, for less than 2 hours.

    I hope Z gets it together with this credit card thing. I don’t know about anyone else but for me I am total lost. I am not as nice as Pete was and would be all over them for this

    Great show, GOD BLESS,

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