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Episode 175: Pistol Pete Starts Prohibition, Votes For Shut Down The Distillery

Zynga is back to their usual copy/paste events but something new may be around the corner. Pete talks about the Health-o-Meter and starts another rant about the health issue in the game. Will Zynga ever do something about it? The shout outs are all about Brandon Venery and the great help he is to Jennifer, Team Spockholm and the Mafia Wars community.

  • Mafia wars use to be my fun. Zygna has ruined it. I still try to play daily but its not the same. Its more of a job than an activity. What a shame. But you. guys rock thanks for all the updates

  • Prohibition is spelled with an I not an A lol

    Anyway, I listened to this show last week and never commented. I agree with the comment above, this game is a job most of the time and not fun anymore. Zynga needs to do something to make it fun again. Regarding health, no I don’t think Zynga will ever do anything about it. I think most things come down to money, do they make money off of it or do they perceive it as something they could make more money off of if changed. They make money off of skill point re-allocations and probably make money or made money when people built up health. Something has to be in it for them. They claim that a level playing field is important but they don’t care about that if it somehow benefits them or, there is no easy way to fix it.

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