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Episode 178: Independence From MW, Vive la Revolution

Everyone is back to raise some havoc. Pistol Pete is on a mission to start a MW revolution. He just keeps bucking the system, by only getting to level 11 on yet another Property. Jen and Jana cover a tremendous amount in the way of the recent game changes. From the Hellish Hydraulics event to whatever comes to mind. There was certainly plenty to discuss.

  • For fighters who have lots of stamina, I am guessing they are pretty happy right now. For upper level player who invested in large amounts of health, they are probably a little miffed, seeing this as biased on the part of Z for doing something that favors one segment of the player base, the fighters. Will it have an overwhelming effect? my guess is no, after all, upper level players can spend money to up their health to an acceptable level.

    For mid level players like myself, the jury is still out on whether or not this new increase in damage will really help, I am guessing not really. Its going to take a lot more than this to get me anywhere near the 150 ices progression or me being able to go from 180 to 1000 for the next level in the icing events. But then ices are not overly important and our family’s Godfather is smart enough not to attempt to micromanage his soldiers or to place unrealistic demands on them.

    I am curious as to how this change is going to effect lower level players. On one hand they will be able to do more damage, but then they are now also going to have to absorb more damage

    I think for the good of the game, Z needs to consider the removal or at least a reduction in the amount of health the distillery gives out for upper level players. I do not bother even collecting on it as it gives me more than enough for the stamina I have. the drawback is that I now have all this excess health that allows me to be attacked, which shows up as losses, not that I care about my stats, but I guess some do.

    I do think lower level characters need to be able to keep their health so that they have the ability to find live players on their fight lists and be able to click more than a few times before being slammed under 20. Bottom line, if upper level players want the lower levels around to use as cannon fodder, easy wins, then something is going to need to be done to at least give the illusion that lower level players have a chance at some point to be able to compete or they will simply continue to quit.

  • My feeling about health has always been I want enough to stay alive to fight and do battles without getting iced so fast and often that I have to keep waiting for the heal timer. I don’t use the distillery much because it just allows people to attack me more.

    I can’t do what Pete does and only get my properties to level 11 because like Jen, I have all of mine done and it would bug me. I really hate the properties though so it’s a double edged sword. I do it but I hate it, it annoys me and makes me want to quit because it is a chore. This is a game so shouldn’t it be fun? Where is the fun? Bucking the system like Pete does is something I do understand but if I start doing that and not completing things, I really think that will be a precursor to me quitting the game entirely.

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